I feels alive again

So thankful and grateful for both kids is now well.

Just back from hospital to unstitching Luke’s cut on his forehead. Yeah you heard it right. Luke hurts his forehead last week when he tried to go to toilet to pee. He accidentally bang her forehead on the edge of the toilet door frame. Gosh i don’t want to recall the incident that happened early in the morning last Sunday. The blood, the scream and the cries when he was stitched by the Med. Asst at emergency room was a nightmare. I was the one who hold him together with another Med Asst. I remember so vividly while the MA put through the needle and pulling the thread on Luke’s forehead. I was suprisingly so brave to see the process from the beginning till the end. But then arrived home, i cant erased those memory… *bikin licak lutut* If you ask me how i feel, im so guilty to hell. I cared the stitches carefully. And thankfully the stitch heal well but of course leaving scar. Huh it breaks my heart into pieces seeing the scar.

Bought Hiruscar gel at Watsons just now and hopefully can help to smoothen the scar..

On the other hand, our Whatsapp mummy group suddenly ‘busy’ about these Jujube soon to be released new collection. Oh god…the prints is so pretty. I heart them so badly. Im a forever fan of any floral stuffs.

Jujube Be Quick

Jujube Be Set

For the mean time im aiming for the Be Quick Whimsical Watercolor. So damn gorgeous. *ikat perut la* for the sake of JJB. Usually it will be cost around RM130

Happy Monday everyone!!



  1. chiiseol · March 12, 2018

    Kena racun sda haha


  2. edith.jmn · March 14, 2018

    Aduii..nyilu sa rasa ni huhu… harap2 cepat sembuh luka si Luke.
    Cantik owh tu pouch!


    • beatyjohn · March 14, 2018

      ok sda tu dith tp mmg bepilat la.. iya cantik tu pouch.. huhu..


  3. gwenn. · March 15, 2018

    mna mo tgk ni haha lawa pla


    • beatyjohn · March 15, 2018

      kan? search ja jujube


      • gwenn. · March 15, 2018

        baiklah hehe


  4. syakirah · March 16, 2018

    I hope Luke gets well soon!


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