It’s school holiday, use it!

When husband told me last week that he will be on leave start today, i was like oh yassss! But actually the main reason is to look after the kids because i have to retake my driving license exam which is tomorrow. Oh i hope everything going to be fine tomorrow. Finger crossed.

When i was back from the driving academy after an hour of practicing this afternoon, Hazel suddenly asked to go to Ranau Rabbit Farm which is loacated at Kg. Kigiok, about 5-6km from town. She literally asking every minutes. So we went. Frankly I’m not fond visiting it because well.. rabbit’s poo is everywhere.

But the most important was, Hazel and Luke had so much fun petting, feeding, running after the rabbit and met some new friend. And i have a ‘material’ for my Instagram mini vlog too!! Been stuck at home since last week, not going anywhere. And the kids seems so boring too.

And just now after dinner husband promised to Hazel to bring her to another place if she behave. Haha lets see how its going.

Friday will be a quite busy day, need to certified true copy of some documents for Hazel’s Year 1 registration and some other errands. I know we are kinda late. Most of my mummy’s friend had registered their child. Hopefully can settle in a day. I don’t want to drag it anymore.

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone!!!



  1. Emmitchell M. Sung · March 21, 2018

    Arnab truss sana kan hihi.. Ba all the best for tomorrow! 😊


    • beatyjohn · March 22, 2018

      dua sda ni..hamster pn ada sda tp x tau mana tempat tu.. harap2 lulus sa malas mau ulang2 lagi


  2. jesssjustine · March 22, 2018

    Belum pernah pi rabbit farm, mcm siok.. nanti la bawa Clarence 🤣 btw good luck on your driving exam!!


    • beatyjohn · March 22, 2018

      ada dua sda ni d Ranau rabbit farm.. yay harap lulus la ni ari ni..malas sda mau repeat


  3. Alis Padasian · March 22, 2018

    This school break we stuck at home saja. My mu sakit, fil pun sick, husband lagi got never ending work 😓😓😓😓😓


    • beatyjohn · March 22, 2018

      aiya… kami pn stuck d ruma ja kalau my husband x ambil on leave ni.


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