March recap

Im not sure it is because im not ambitious that I sometimes feel i did not achieve anything in my life. But don’t worry i love my life the way it is. I have everything that I need and i should not ask for more. So here we goes March recap.

1. Finally, I got my Driving License

I went a bit overboard when i found out that i failed the exam last month. I went bad mood and feels so down. Drama. Last week i did it well and passed. Hallelujah! So hello fellow road user!! If you see me around and drives like a snail, please bear with me ya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Im not a competent driver yet. I did drove husband’s car from home to town few times since i passed but still im not that confident yet.

2. I can’t stick to my planner routine

I bought my planner and only God knows how much i wanted it so much. Every night i will sit down and jot down anything that come across in my mind. Random stuffs sometimes. But recently i cant pull myself together to sit down and write even for a while because most of the time i fell asleep with the kids πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I do woke up after that but i feel that i rather back to sleep. Lazy. Having a planner is a good thing but as a SAHM there is nothing much to be planned. Everyday is the same thing. That how boring my life is.

3. I started painting again

After half year did not practising finally the mojo is back. Whenever i got spare time (after settling chores and kids) i will squeeze some time for painting. My painting supplies is in need for update. I wants a new brush and watercolor too. Specifically Princeton round brush and Alpha Artist watercolour. If only money grow on a tree…. hurmm. Thinking to digitize my painting but i don’t know if im able because its been a while since i work with Photoshop. But i will try.

Anyways i hope everything will went well the following month.



  1. cecharel · March 31, 2018



  2. Alis Padasian · March 31, 2018

    Siok bah planner tapi mcm ko cakap kita housewife apa yg mau d plan??


    • beatyjohn · April 1, 2018

      haha kalau mau plan pun kan mmg x tebuat sb bnyk kerja yang spontaneous dari yang planned one ..


  3. edith.jmn · April 1, 2018

    Congrats for your driving license! Sa pun dulu fail jga first test yg naik bukit. Nasib 2nd time lulus. Pastu satu bulan jga sa mo pandai driving di highway. So sabar jak ko kio. Lama2 sampin tu hehehe….


    • beatyjohn · April 2, 2018

      Tq dith.. sa guntalou betul bah ni.. tu la tua2 baru sa mau ambil ni..


  4. jesssjustine · April 2, 2018

    Congrats on getting your driver’s license!! Bole suda ni drive2 c hazel sma c adik pi jln2 πŸ€—πŸ€—


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