Kids Update

Its been a while since i last update with kids milestones and development. Nothing much but i feel like to write it for future reference. Let start from Hazel.

Now she is more independent. Still pooping with potty but good thing she is now cleaning her own mess most of the time. From throwing her shit into toilet bowl, flushing ’em away and wash her bumbum. But i have to always remind her to wash her hand every after pooping tho.

Knowing Hazel, she is a kid I can say that having a fragile heart. Last time when we were at ER for stitching Luke’s cut on his forehead, she cried outside of the room. Such a very sensitive kid she is. At school i’ve been told that Hazel always have this whining because her schoolmate always teasing her. Few times when we have a conversation, i tells her that its okay to fight back (in good way lah) when other kids being so naughty to tease her.

Hazel still cant read but im more than happy because now she doing great at recognizing alphabets and numbers. Need a lot practice tho. Reading may follows later. The teacher told me that Hazel is quite good at school. She is a fast learner. I dont have major issue with her but as her growing, i need to deal with her antics that sometimes i lose my coolness on her.

While Luke, finally he wanted to shit on potty!!! And he will say ‘ooo’ instead of ‘cicis’ last time. He can remove his pants and take his potty whenever he want to the ‘business’. Of course need to clean him after that. He is more verbal nowadays even tho the prounciation is not perfect. And good things is he picked up some Dusun vocabulary like ‘alasu’, ‘modsu’, ‘osogit’, ‘modop’, ‘aratu’, ‘kada’, ‘irikau’. My mum frequently converse in Dusun with him. His separation anxiety is better now. Finally i can enjoy my bath and toilet business. And still breastfeeding. I really need to wean his off.

Playing dirt together

Mummy wishes only the best for both of you!

Till next post!!



  1. chiiseol · April 6, 2018

    Wow luke hebat spiking! C hazel x ka?


    • beatyjohn · April 6, 2018

      x jg dia becakap bnyk la but kalau kami cakap dusun tu mmg dia mengerti ni.. c hazel inda brp tu


      • chiiseol · April 6, 2018

        Ko dgn laki ko x ckp dusun ka?


      • beatyjohn · April 6, 2018

        laki saya? hahahaha itu lagi lagi x pandai ckp dusun.. mengerti pun tidak..


      • chiiseol · April 6, 2018

        Ooo patut la


  2. Alis Padasian · April 6, 2018

    Sy suruh mama sy ajar anak2 sy cakap dusun tapi asal mama sy dorg lari.. Hahaha… Ngam la bah tu ajar anak2 cakap dusun. Sikit2 pun nnti sdh besar dorg pndai juga tu pick up by themselves


    • beatyjohn · April 6, 2018

      tu la bh.. sa pn baru2 ja bh ni telurus dusun sa..tu la mmg sa kasi cakp anak2 dusun spy x ilang ni Dusun pn bahasa


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