April Recap

Its May!

Kaamatan Month and GE14 next week. Have you check your voting centre? If not go and check.

Okey as usually i will do recap every month even there is nothing really to recap. Here is the lists:

1.Work out

I’ve been working out (read : dance cardio) minimum 4-3 times every week for 30 minutes. And finally i see a positive result. I lost almost real 2kg. I can feel that my thighs and tummy is less flabby (still tho). And i can say that i confident wearing my old smaller shirt. Last time i did lost some but i don’t think it was a real weight that dropped instead water weight. I hope i can continue this and reach my desired weight.

This top was so fit and revealing my tummy even when im standing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Now i can comfortably wearing this again

2. Etsy Shop

Finally i made my first listing on etsy and i should add some soon. Atm, there is no sales πŸ˜₯ but never mind..at least i tried lah kan?

3. Staycation

To be frank this is our first family staycation since we got married. And i appreciate husband’s effort for that. I only knew that we gonna stayed at the hotel on our way to KK. Suprise much? Even the hotel that we stayed is not that fancy but im beyond grateful. Happy kids = Happy Mommy.

Have a nice day every one!!!



  1. yay for the weight loss! hehe sya pun kurang2 sdh fat tummy lepas workout sama less sugar haha let’s keep it up! ei siok ba staycation..yg penting luar dari rumah ok sdh klu sya tu


    • beatyjohn · May 3

      finally real weight loss 4kg lgi ni sa mmg mau lose itu betul.. tu laitu siok staycation bersyukur sda sa ni .. Thanks God jg sb bagi berkat2


  2. Alis Padasian · May 3

    Bah undi W…. Haha


  3. dithjmn · May 3

    Kalau sa sama family pigi jalan2 pun kmi cari hotel yg murah2 seja yg penting selesa. Kmi rather spend mahal2 utk makan hehe…


  4. chiiseol · May 3

    Wow kurus!


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