I never feels like this before

I know some of us having a stressful day since the GE14 result. As a caring citizen im dying for a new government…. finally we have a new Malaysia and new Sabah. I only slept at 4am on 10th May waiting for the result to come out. And as for Sabah the ‘drama’ continues until today but im not gonna elaborate that.

The ink that made a history

To be frank, i never feel like this before. I never care before. I mean toward politics. Im with my phone literally 24/7. Checking for latest update. And when i was about to cast my vote suddenly i feel so nervous. My heart beat so fast. I don’t know why but says my prayer so that i made the right decision.

Anyway, hope the new government governs Malaysia fairly with integrity. We should continuously pray over this.

Okay enough for politics.

On 12th May was my firstborn birthday. I don’t have much energy to throw a fancy party but at least i baked a red velvet cake. Luckily the cake turn out well and suprisingly taste good.

Wish you very best in life baby girl. Happy 5th Birthday!!!!


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