The struggle is real

Luke recently being throwing tantrum. Sometimes it is handy to manage but sometimes its so ‘big’ for me to handle. With all the efforts i put to let him calm i found myself giving up and me being a cranky mummy. He is now 2y7m and the terrible two phase finally making it entrance.

The worst tantrum ever when we were at 1B hypermall few days ago. He wanted the excavator toys which cost almost hundred. Of course we did not buy it. Expensive. He started to stomp his feet, crying and screaming, lying on the floor to beg. I quickly lift him off the floor and trying my best to calm him. Failed. He even cry and scream lounder. That time people around were staring and some turn their head on me but i did not bother i just keep on walking. Fast. I tried not to see people’s reaction.

Went to Familia and he was still crying ..that time i was so mad that i cant take it anymore. Husband tried to calm him but none works. I offered every cheaper toys but nothing seems match his preferences.

So we settled on a cheaper toys with the same color and size. Then only he gradually stops crying. Thanks God. But i was all sweating already.

All of (my) plans aborted and we decided to go home. The mood for shopping vanished after going through of a ‘battle’ with my lil boy.

Oh gosh! It is so hard to raise a little boy. My mum says that my brother’s attitude when he was kid was just like Luke’s. Now i have to limit my visit to shopping mall.



  1. cecharel · June 1

    Nate pun teruk tantrum
    Dia lately. Huhu


  2. beatyjohn · June 1

    puasa sda mau p mall ni


  3. edith · June 4

    Sa pnya time suda limpas. Mmg stress owh. Sabar sejalah moi…huhu…


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