Tuaran and Kota Marudu

It was so damn hot the other day (during a week of Wesak- Kaamatan holiday) but husband insisted to bring the kids to Tuaran Crocodile Farm. I just want to chill at home and im not that into jalan-jalan because my jaw were swollen due to gum infection. The swell extended to my neck and it was a bit unplesant. But i did join them btw.

I let husband handles them and fortunately they were enjoying themsleves and behave well. I just sat on the shed provided while waiting for them finishing the ‘tour’.

The kids were happy. At first they were a bit akward but after some time they were showing interest. Happy mommy i am.

Then the next day we drove to Kota Marudu for some family gathering. FYI, im half Dusun Kimaragang. Arrived at 9am and went for breakfast at town before heading to my ‘second’ hometown. My mum and sister were there and as soon as we arrived we straight away to river and i let the kids play with water. Luckily i brought a pair of changing clothes for both of them.

I used to play here everyday when i was kid whenever we back here. Catching a ‘badus’ fish and shrimps with my cousins is simply amazing. And ‘haunts’ for belunu after that. Punya siok. I glad that the river is still crystal clear like 20 years ago.

Before heading back to KK we had lunch together with my KM family.

Now we are at KK for a week and looking forward for the weekend activity. Im dying for beach and sunsets. It’s been a while.

Anyway happy holiday everyone!!!



  1. Emmitchell M. Sung · June 12

    Sya blm pernah pg tu crocodile farm..takut sya haha. Oo baru sya tau ko half kimaragang..yg sya tau ko ada relatives sana ja.


    • beatyjohn · June 13

      Ok sda tu farm skg selamat sda sa rasa klu mau tingu..dulu sa p kayu2 ja ah jambatan dia tu.. skg simen sda semua.. iya sa half kimaragang … Sa x faham o lau kimaragang pny ckp.. hihi


      • Emmitchell M. Sung · June 13

        Haha asal reptiles mmg sya takut ni..dulu d lokawi doi ttup mata ba sya npk segala tu ular sama buaya..guntalou 😂 hihi sya punya late grandpa sama grandma pun half2 kimaragang..sya pun x brapa fhm tp biasa la tu slang sama tarian dorang


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