Officially a Jujube user 😄😄. And a fan!!

Im officially hooked to JJB tho i only have there types/print at the moment. But my love and addiction to JJB is growing strong!! What made me fell in love with JJB because of the different print that will be released every month and it’s versatilities.

My first ever JJB is this Be Quick Dot Dot Dot in a classic collection. Since i first got it last April, this is my go to clutch/bag. It’s fit my wallet, phone, mini wet tissue, small note book, a coin purse and a pen.

I read somewhere at JJB’s FB group, ‘you first JJB not your last JJB’. I have to agree on that 100 percent 🤣🤣. So i decided to get this Be Set Navigtor from a friend, a die hard fan of JJB too.

I personlly love the large set!

And to complete this set i got a Be Charge in Admiral print. I like this BC to organize ID cards and bank card because sometimes i use the medium set as my wallet alone. My long wallet wont fit inside.

And currently waiting another 2 or 3 JJB bag. Cannot wait to have them to my stash!! In the future planning to get a bigger bag , either hobobe or a back pack.



  1. cecharel · June 16

    High five!


  2. chiiseol · June 16



  3. gwenn. · June 17

    sa rsa sa xmampu sja jjb ni hehe


    • beatyjohn · June 17

      Saya ni 😑saja ni tp teingat2 bh kalau x beli.. kalau be quick n be set kira afforadable la … Tu ja sa mampu 😁


      • gwenn. · June 17

        sa pn mau mncari laini haha rndu pla sa blogging nmpk entries kamu ni


      • beatyjohn · June 17

        Bh cari jangan x cari wen.. dei sa langsung teda modal mau blog bh..susa ni kalau ponkurung saj d rumah.. mmg teda idea o


      • gwenn. · June 17

        blog pasal mekappp hahaha


      • beatyjohn · June 17

        😂 mekap sa outdated bh


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