Sewing projects wishlist

My last month sewing projects some how lifting my sewing mood. I sew 8 pcs of traditional costume for the kindergarten. And after that sews Hazel’s dress and mine for nephew’s wedding reception.

Hazel says the dress is pretty 😁

I’ve been wanting to sew these long ago but im so lazy to draft a pattern. Pattern drafting is my least favorite part. Its is so leceh. But now i want to make good use my mood while it is still ‘around’ because it will take some time to ‘awake’ them again. So here are some projects that wanted to sew.

1. Maxi circle skirt

My main reason to sews this because some times when the dancer at the church wanted a backup im happy to serve. But thing is ive been borrowing my sister’s costume all this while. But to bad my recent trip to KK i cant find 60′ width of fabric in a right shade of white. So this one put on hold.

2. Princess seam top or dress

I fell in love with any princess cut top/dress because its ability to create illusion of my rectangle body shape. I learned some basic pattern drafting from YT and thanks God i manage to but still need to improve the pattern la.

3. Mermaid skirt

Im not a fan of this type of skirt. But seeing a lot of picture posted in instagrm during Hari Raya showing their OOTD made me wanna try to sew this. May be i can sew one for my mum right?

And just in time, suddenly some of my relatives request to sew a dress for them. Im not that qualified yet but i take this as a challenge lah kan? I never learnt if i don’t try kan. But my main concern is i dont have a serger and sending them to be serged at town somehow a bit troublesome.

Anyway wish me luck!



  1. Emmitchell M. Sung · June 21

    Sya pun mau minta jahit top ni sama ko haha santai2 floral top gitu hehe


  2. beatyjohn · June 21

    Haha ..siok tu santai2 pny ni p beach pakai siok


  3. gwenn. · June 22

    sia pla yg sia tag tu hari d ig hehe


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