I supposed to draft May and June monthly recap but i just can’t bring myself together to type. My mood has not bounced back because I fell ill last Sunday. Started with mild headache and runny nose and non stop sneezing. As usually i will not takes any medicine but it get worse the next day. Nasal congested. I have to take panadol soluable and went to bed early while i let the kids watching youtube on their phone. When i woke up to check them, both were fast asleep.

I only got better today but still with a lil bit of coughing. But im glad the annoying flu is now gone.

I’ve been so mean with the kids these few days. Oh mean mum. Recalling what i have done to them is really torturing me. Ohhhh… I can cry even.

Anyway my another happiness in disguise is on the way. Yeahhh my Jujube!! Cannot wait. 😜😜😜


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