Leisure : Current watch

It’s been a while since i really watch any drama. Nothing really captured my attention. But not until my husband show this drama for me to watch. At the first episode im not that intrested because im not fond of any historic drama scene. The only stuffs attracted to me was how the director/bts people produce the drama… omg the setting is on point!!!! Every scene is perfect!! And i only found out recently that the directer and creator of this drama is the one who create Decendents of The Sun and Goblin. No wonder!!!

As you can see the male lead is a bit old to be paired with the female lead but gosh he pulled everything perfectly! He is old but gold! Currently it’s on episode 8 and cant wait for the weekend for ep 9 and ep 10 in Netflix.

What is your current watch!?

See you next post!


  1. Emmitchell M. Sung · August 1, 2018

    Oo netflix original series pula ni…sya susah skit klu tengok online..limited data betul hihi


  2. chiiseol · August 1, 2018

    Sy baru start layan hit the top. Mck best jg.


    • beatyjohn · August 1, 2018

      Macam bagus jg review dia kan? Nnt mau try2 tingu..


      • chiiseol · August 1, 2018

        Nda tau. Sy tgk pun sbb si yoon shi yoon. Suka tgk dia di dear judge tp sy x keen tu cerita so cari la drama lain dia.


      • beatyjohn · August 1, 2018

        Ya o yoon shi yoon la sb sa tertarik ni jg..hihi


  3. Anne · August 1, 2018

    X hati langsung sa tgk korea oh 😂


    • beatyjohn · August 7, 2018

      Sa baru2 tingu ni anne 😂😂 berbulan2 sda sa x tingu apa2 drama


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