Their Journey

I still remember vibrantly the day i gave birth to my kids. And now they are respectively 5yo lil girl and soon to be 3yo old boy. Where all the time goes? Im getting old and they grew up faster than i cant imagine.

At 5yo, Hazel is pretty good to handle. Its just that she is now learning to read. She can’t read at the moment except for few easy words that may be she encounters everyday at school. Last month i’ve been so hard toward her because it took so long for her to spell a word. Im so frustrated and scold her and she cried. I let her sober on her own. I wanted to console her but my mummy’s instinct telling me not to. So i just sitting next to her and she continue coloring instead.

And now its been a month since that incident. She still cant read well. But she spell the words faster than before. I need to invent a fun way to help her to read. After school, i ask her what did she learnt at school and she tell me that they did coloring and doing some paper work. Huh. No wonder. Hm..

Okay i need to be extra hardworking mummy. No more excuse!

Oh ya one thing she now can differentiate between Bahasa Melayu and English. Less mixing of them in one sentence. πŸ˜‚

Picture of last 2 weeks ago . She won 3rd place in coloring!! And won the best dress for Merdeka Celebration.

Then lets move to my second born, Luke. Finallllyyy, he is now fully weaned off!!! Yay! The journey to wean him off took 2 weeks. With countless cry and tantrum.

What did i do to make him stop? I rubbed an eucalyptus oil on my nipple. Everytime he demands to latch, i show him the oil and keep telling him it was spicy. The euclyptus oil was my best friend for 2 weeks, i bring it everywhere as a ‘weapon’.

Now i can claims my 7 hours sleep without interuption. Yay for that! And he sleep on his own now.

Now that he is wean off, i heard so many new words from him plus he pronounces some words perfectly too! And more complete sentences nowadays i.e ” mami, adik sakit perut’ , “mami adik penat”

That all i think i can write right now.

See you next post.


Beaty 🌺


  1. Emmitchell M. Sung · September 5, 2018

    Hehe pelan2 nopo..waah won best dress o Hazel. Hebat ba ko jahit…


    • beatyjohn · September 5, 2018

      Sa inda sabar bah mau ajar dia ni.. huhu .. haha biasa2 saja sa jahit ni bei


  2. chiiseol · September 5, 2018

    Mau print sukukata then kasi gabung2 tu sukukata. Ada tu mama sy buat utk murid dia. Cpt dorg blajar pakai itu


    • beatyjohn · September 7, 2018

      Sa sdg buat tu skg .. tp dia malu2 bh mau baca dia takut salah


  3. jesssjustine · September 7, 2018

    Awww gitu ka pla kasi stop latching budak? I dunno why skrg sy suka btul anything pasal budak2.. hahaha


    • beatyjohn · September 7, 2018

      Ya macam2 la .. ikut anak la mana dia mau makan saman.. bah next year trus buat baby la πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • jesssjustine · September 7, 2018

        Hahahaha amen sisss 🀣🀣


  4. edith · September 7, 2018

    Anak2 sa dulu sa kasi baca komik. Itu yg bikin capat drg blajar membaca sbb siok gia tu komik kan jadi drg inda boring mo baca. Last2 tepandai di sendiri. Sa dpt ni idea pun sbb adik sa dulu masa dia kecil cepat dia blajar baca sbb rajin dia p baca tu komik Gila-Gila femes gia ni dulu2 hehe…


    • beatyjohn · September 7, 2018

      Adoi susa ni mau ajar.. sa mau kasi beli dia buku la ni spy cepat dia baca


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