Journal #1 : Long Weekend

These few days im so demotivated doing anything. Break down to be exact. Focus can’t be found anywhere. Tired! Physically and mentally. But so thankful that before i got into serious condition (touch wood , depression) husband came to rescue (so thankful for the long weekend too!) I know that he himself already have so much on his plate but he trying his best to be there for me.

Saturday, 8th September

I got the privilige to roam around the town doing my thing without the kids for few hour. I just want my sanity back! And glad it did really recharged me. Back to the kids and they were begging husband for ice cream. So, Desa Cattle it is! Been craving for the gelato for quite sometimes already. Upon arriving almost of the parking area were occupied! It was packed with people tho! Yeah long weekend. Noted! Long queue! Dont really took picture except below.

Before went back to home, we dropped by at Ranau town to have my hair cut. My hair was not in good condition due to coloring last year. I have to cut it even tho i made a promise to at least keep them for Christmas. Reluctant actually but i have to. So ugly and messy.

Sunday, 9th September

Because of the long weekend husband decided to have a day trip to Kota Marudu. And coincidentally my brother who is spending the holiday here at Ranau had the same plan. So off we go!

Went for tamu at KM town for seafood hunting. But too bad we were late for a fresher seafood. Because we were not aware of the relocation of the tamu. We only managed to get a cockles. Never mind there is always next time.

Having lunch by the river at Taman Kinabalu Serinsim before going back to Ranau.

Monday, 10th September

Did not going anywhere but staying home and doing some cleaning. But with kids, cleaning never an easy job.

Husband need to back to work tomorrow and we back to square one. Mummy with 2 kids. But hopefully no more ‘rainy’ days for me as per previous week.

How is your long weekend lovelies?


Beaty 🌺


  1. Emmitchell M. Sung · September 11, 2018

    Wah kamu balik bandau pula..lama sdh sya x pigi serinsim


  2. chiiseol · September 13, 2018

    Jaga anak sakit 😂


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