Journal #2

FYI, i wont do journalling (here in wordpress) in regular basis. I only do this when i feel to do it. I admit that journaling is something looks easy but it doesnt!

Lets start!

15th Sept

While i was roaming around the house’s compound i noticed a familiar plant growing between a bushes and when i look closer, it was a snake plant. Well, indoor plant has been hit and so-in nowadays in Instagram. Im not yet turn to gardening lover at the moment but i guess i have this little interest on them.

So i plucked and transfered it into a vase. Now my 3 little succulents have a new friend.

17th September

Stay at home all day because husband was back to KK the day before and we spent the whole day at home. Planned to do some hiking in the evening but too bad it was drizzling. There is always next time.

18th September

Luke’s appoitment at Hospital Ranau to find out his blood test. As anticipated, he is a Thalessemia carrier, just like his daddy. No wonder his hemoglobin was always low at 9 -10 even after having an iron supplement. There is no problem about being a carrier of beta thalessemia but now i know he is, i have to advise him in the future when it is the time for him looking for a partner. And Hazel might be a carrier too as her full blood charcteristic showing some indication. I myself did a Thalessemia screening before we got married it was normal but i still doubt.

19th September

Manage to complete another dress for Hazel. I loves sewing dress for her because kids use less fabric. 2 meters of fabric can produce a cute dress.

I made this off the shoulder dress with a double full circle skirt which made this dress cuter. For the skirt alone it uses 1.5m of 45inch width of fabric for a just below knee length. When i asked her to tried it she cant stop twirling like a princess 😁. Thinking to add some sequin and lace because it is too plain black.

20th September

As usual woke up and prep my girl for school. My mum cooked breakfast today and i took the chance to do the laundry and having a juice!

A carrot + green apple and celery juice for the day. Its been 4 days since i did juicing for breakfast. No more coffee!

That all for journal #2. Hopefully can post some online journal.

See you.

God bless!

🌺Beaty J


  1. chiiseol · September 21, 2018

    Ingat sy dulu klu buat baju sekolah mau yg kembang sbb siuk pusing2 😂


    • beatyjohn · September 21, 2018

      Iya ..nmpk underwear lagi kan.. skg mana boleh sda tu pki kembang


      • chiiseol · September 21, 2018

        Ooo ada standard suda skrg ka?


      • beatyjohn · September 21, 2018

        X boleh kembang sda tu chii semua a line sda


  2. Emmitchell M. Sung · September 21, 2018

    Tinggi oo snake plant ko..Sya punya tinggal snake plant lgi tinggal huhu…mati sdh yg caladium

    Eee lawanya tu dress…cute!


    • beatyjohn · September 21, 2018

      Ya tinggi ni.. snake plant kali senang mau jaga..

      Iya bh cute tu dress tp kalu sa pakai kan halamak..inda padan


      • Emmitchell M. Sung · September 21, 2018

        Ya mmg susah mau mati la klu snake plant haha..

        Hihi ngam la utk hazel..


  3. Alis Padasian · September 22, 2018

    comel oh tu baju.. sy pun malas journaling sdh ni skrg. malas mau menaip


    • beatyjohn · September 22, 2018

      Haha kalau budak kici pakai comel.. haha sa pun malas bh ni mau journaling


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