December and 12 weeks along

Holla everyone!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!! Thankful for another year to celebrate Christmas. God is not only good to us but He’s been really so amazing to each everyone of us!!!!!

Few more days to Christmas! And the only things that sorted by now is our Christmas dresses. Nothing fancy of course. I did not manage to sew our dresses this year as i wanted it to be due to my condition right now. Im not happy for not being at least sew a simple dress for Hazel. But yeah things happens.

And now i still have some in hand need to be sorted ; Christmas presents, baking a biscuits, finalizing the Christmas’s tree decor, planning a menu for Christmas’s open house and cleaning the house. Gosh seems so many! Only can start tomorrow as my sisters and nieces will come here at my mum’s house and we will do it together. Hopefully those can be settled in a day and i can attend the Christmas’s services at the church at ease.

Usually I will start doing things early for Christmas’s preparation but not this year as i have to deal with my morning sickness. Now im 12 weeks along (Yes we are pregnant with Baby No. 3!!) and sooooo grateful that most of my symptomps gone few days ago. I still have those nausea, headache and bloated tummy but its now bearable compared to last 4 weeks ago. I cant even cook and fatigue was at its peak to force me having a power nap twice a day 😫. So thankful for the kids as they were quite understanding. Even my 3yo boy knew that his mommy is not in a good shape to entertain him. Those 4 weeks energy draining period somehow remind me to always grateful and thankful for everything! God is really amazing. He made me to go through those 4 weeks period without fail!!!!

I will blog more in the future about my journey with Baby no.3. So hopeful that this journey is a smooth sailing!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas in advance to each everyone of you!!! Let us celebrate this season with love, joy and happiness!!!! God bless!!

Lots of love !!


  1. Emmitchell M. Sung · December 20, 2018

    Congrats again! 😊 and Merry Christmas!


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