A better year

Hellooooo! Happy New Year! I know im a bit late to wish but better than never. I know most of you had done a 2018 recap and reflection what last year had brought to you.


Im not so sure (or its just me beacuse i did not really spent time to reflects on things) what actually happened last year that really significant to me. But for sure im beyond grateful and blessed for everything because im still alive and breathing freely !!!! Another year had passed just like that!! Scary how times flies so fast.

Im not going to do a recap because i know its nothing interesting 🀣🀣. Let just move forward. Shall we?!

Last two nights when the kids were soundly sleeping and suddenly there was a ‘knock’ at my head asking me to do something or at least thinking. Ahaks finally i can put my rusty brain again to process stuffs expect those daily routine i had to do everyday, well kids and chores. I admits that I rarely spend time on thinking/planning nowadays because the current ‘brain’ i have. Pregnancy brain haha.

After about 30 minutes i sum up few things that i should put my attention on this year. Im not going to elaborate them in details tho.

  • Family saving. We should cut out eating out this year. Once a week should be okay? The price of eating out is insane now!! And since we are expecting a new family member early July, saving is a must.
  • Family first. I must priortize my loved one than any others. Well this is we all supposed to do right?
  • Less drama. Well we cant avoid gossips totally but i should less care discussing unimportant stuffs. Gossiping does not bring any good.
  • Doing my very best in everything. Well its normal to have a rainy and stormy day. Daily bumps is everywhere but remain positive is the key!!!!
  • Read more. I should really start reading again and making it as a habit. But price of the books nowadays is pain in the ass. May be i can buy a preloved one.

Not a very detail missions but im glad i did not stand off to at least having a short thought about how im going to live the 2019.

Last but not least, i wish you all the best in whatever you plans/aims for this year. May God lead your path and strengthen you!! Good luck.

Cheers to 2019.

Love, Beaty 🧚


December and 12 weeks along

Holla everyone!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!! Thankful for another year to celebrate Christmas. God is not only good to us but He’s been really so amazing to each everyone of us!!!!!

Few more days to Christmas! And the only things that sorted by now is our Christmas dresses. Nothing fancy of course. I did not manage to sew our dresses this year as i wanted it to be due to my condition right now. Im not happy for not being at least sew a simple dress for Hazel. But yeah things happens.

And now i still have some in hand need to be sorted ; Christmas presents, baking a biscuits, finalizing the Christmas’s tree decor, planning a menu for Christmas’s open house and cleaning the house. Gosh seems so many! Only can start tomorrow as my sisters and nieces will come here at my mum’s house and we will do it together. Hopefully those can be settled in a day and i can attend the Christmas’s services at the church at ease.

Usually I will start doing things early for Christmas’s preparation but not this year as i have to deal with my morning sickness. Now im 12 weeks along (Yes we are pregnant with Baby No. 3!!) and sooooo grateful that most of my symptomps gone few days ago. I still have those nausea, headache and bloated tummy but its now bearable compared to last 4 weeks ago. I cant even cook and fatigue was at its peak to force me having a power nap twice a day 😫. So thankful for the kids as they were quite understanding. Even my 3yo boy knew that his mommy is not in a good shape to entertain him. Those 4 weeks energy draining period somehow remind me to always grateful and thankful for everything! God is really amazing. He made me to go through those 4 weeks period without fail!!!!

I will blog more in the future about my journey with Baby no.3. So hopeful that this journey is a smooth sailing!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas in advance to each everyone of you!!! Let us celebrate this season with love, joy and happiness!!!! God bless!!

Lots of love !!

Oh Can’t Wait

It is November and we are about a half month away for the most joyful celebration of the year. Christmas!! Oh i cant really wait for that ! I bet everyone is excited!!!! Well who does not?

Will starting doing shopping this month end. New dresses for the kids and some presents for the family. Im not planning to buy a new dress for myself because to be frank i still have few dresses that i seldomly use. But lets hope that i still can fit into them πŸ˜‚.

Now listing a present one by one for the family members. Every year present hunting took longest period to be sorted because with a certain budget of course you can’t buy something overpriced. Lets do the best in presents hunting.

Well move on the Christmas tree decoration. Im not sure what color theme to go for this year. Well i always go for basic color btw. Will only starting to pull out the tree from its storage by end of this month too.

We go slowly okay!

And this year i hope i can sew a new curtain for the living room (at my mom’s place). Its too old and out of style.

Well i hope what i have planned for the upcoming Christmas celebration will successful.

Have a nice day.

Journal #3

It’s been almost a month since my last post. Gosh time did flies real quick. We have few more weeks to end the year. I cant believe it.

Well im not sure what to post but may be i do some recap for the past few weeks.

Visited KK Light Festivals. And i did not enjoy it because of the super crowded. I hardly cant breathe. Taking picture was a hassle too. Too many people thus the chance to have a nice picture is almost none.

Both kids were not in mood by the way

It was Luke’s 3rd Birthday on last 5th Oct we did celebrated it the day after. Just a very simple celebration at home with a candle blowing and that all.

Mummy not in the picture 😒 with a almost melted cream cake 😁😁

Had a chance to paint and brush lettering. Im not into watercolor nowadays thus my painting is just like that. I did not practice a lot nowdays thus crappy painting.

A very random painting without purpose

And very recently last weekend as per in law’s request we managed to do some paddy seeding paddy planting next month. This is just for fun but it did bring me to the old time when my parents used to drag all of us sibling to really plant paddy to survive. Huh. Those were the days.

Luke, now you cant run away from planting paddy soon 😁

That all!

Have a nice week ahead!!!!!

Journal #2

FYI, i wont do journalling (here in wordpress) in regular basis. I only do this when i feel to do it. I admit that journaling is something looks easy but it doesnt!

Lets start!

15th Sept

While i was roaming around the house’s compound i noticed a familiar plant growing between a bushes and when i look closer, it was a snake plant. Well, indoor plant has been hit and so-in nowadays in Instagram. Im not yet turn to gardening lover at the moment but i guess i have this little interest on them.

So i plucked and transfered it into a vase. Now my 3 little succulents have a new friend.

17th September

Stay at home all day because husband was back to KK the day before and we spent the whole day at home. Planned to do some hiking in the evening but too bad it was drizzling. There is always next time.

18th September

Luke’s appoitment at Hospital Ranau to find out his blood test. As anticipated, he is a Thalessemia carrier, just like his daddy. No wonder his hemoglobin was always low at 9 -10 even after having an iron supplement. There is no problem about being a carrier of beta thalessemia but now i know he is, i have to advise him in the future when it is the time for him looking for a partner. And Hazel might be a carrier too as her full blood charcteristic showing some indication. I myself did a Thalessemia screening before we got married it was normal but i still doubt.

19th September

Manage to complete another dress for Hazel. I loves sewing dress for her because kids use less fabric. 2 meters of fabric can produce a cute dress.

I made this off the shoulder dress with a double full circle skirt which made this dress cuter. For the skirt alone it uses 1.5m of 45inch width of fabric for a just below knee length. When i asked her to tried it she cant stop twirling like a princess 😁. Thinking to add some sequin and lace because it is too plain black.

20th September

As usual woke up and prep my girl for school. My mum cooked breakfast today and i took the chance to do the laundry and having a juice!

A carrot + green apple and celery juice for the day. Its been 4 days since i did juicing for breakfast. No more coffee!

That all for journal #2. Hopefully can post some online journal.

See you.

God bless!

🌺Beaty J

Journal #1 : Long Weekend

These few days im so demotivated doing anything. Break down to be exact. Focus can’t be found anywhere. Tired! Physically and mentally. But so thankful that before i got into serious condition (touch wood , depression) husband came to rescue (so thankful for the long weekend too!) I know that he himself already have so much on his plate but he trying his best to be there for me.

Saturday, 8th September

I got the privilige to roam around the town doing my thing without the kids for few hour. I just want my sanity back! And glad it did really recharged me. Back to the kids and they were begging husband for ice cream. So, Desa Cattle it is! Been craving for the gelato for quite sometimes already. Upon arriving almost of the parking area were occupied! It was packed with people tho! Yeah long weekend. Noted! Long queue! Dont really took picture except below.

Before went back to home, we dropped by at Ranau town to have my hair cut. My hair was not in good condition due to coloring last year. I have to cut it even tho i made a promise to at least keep them for Christmas. Reluctant actually but i have to. So ugly and messy.

Sunday, 9th September

Because of the long weekend husband decided to have a day trip to Kota Marudu. And coincidentally my brother who is spending the holiday here at Ranau had the same plan. So off we go!

Went for tamu at KM town for seafood hunting. But too bad we were late for a fresher seafood. Because we were not aware of the relocation of the tamu. We only managed to get a cockles. Never mind there is always next time.

Having lunch by the river at Taman Kinabalu Serinsim before going back to Ranau.

Monday, 10th September

Did not going anywhere but staying home and doing some cleaning. But with kids, cleaning never an easy job.

Husband need to back to work tomorrow and we back to square one. Mummy with 2 kids. But hopefully no more ‘rainy’ days for me as per previous week.

How is your long weekend lovelies?


Beaty 🌺

Their Journey

I still remember vibrantly the day i gave birth to my kids. And now they are respectively 5yo lil girl and soon to be 3yo old boy. Where all the time goes? Im getting old and they grew up faster than i cant imagine.

At 5yo, Hazel is pretty good to handle. Its just that she is now learning to read. She can’t read at the moment except for few easy words that may be she encounters everyday at school. Last month i’ve been so hard toward her because it took so long for her to spell a word. Im so frustrated and scold her and she cried. I let her sober on her own. I wanted to console her but my mummy’s instinct telling me not to. So i just sitting next to her and she continue coloring instead.

And now its been a month since that incident. She still cant read well. But she spell the words faster than before. I need to invent a fun way to help her to read. After school, i ask her what did she learnt at school and she tell me that they did coloring and doing some paper work. Huh. No wonder. Hm..

Okay i need to be extra hardworking mummy. No more excuse!

Oh ya one thing she now can differentiate between Bahasa Melayu and English. Less mixing of them in one sentence. πŸ˜‚

Picture of last 2 weeks ago . She won 3rd place in coloring!! And won the best dress for Merdeka Celebration.

Then lets move to my second born, Luke. Finallllyyy, he is now fully weaned off!!! Yay! The journey to wean him off took 2 weeks. With countless cry and tantrum.

What did i do to make him stop? I rubbed an eucalyptus oil on my nipple. Everytime he demands to latch, i show him the oil and keep telling him it was spicy. The euclyptus oil was my best friend for 2 weeks, i bring it everywhere as a ‘weapon’.

Now i can claims my 7 hours sleep without interuption. Yay for that! And he sleep on his own now.

Now that he is wean off, i heard so many new words from him plus he pronounces some words perfectly too! And more complete sentences nowadays i.e ” mami, adik sakit perut’ , “mami adik penat”

That all i think i can write right now.

See you next post.


Beaty 🌺