Another Year

Another year older. 33 years old. Last Sunday. Grateful for everything that i have now but sometimes…. hurmmm it’s a lie if i say i never feel ungrateful of my life now. I think it is a nature as a human to feel that way. Am i right?

Reached 6th year of our marriage. Having 2 children together. Its was not a rainbow all the way. It full of ups and downs. But i hope we got stronger each day.

No celebration just cake cutting and that’s all.

My mind is not fit for writing right now. I cant put a words together. Next time i writes more okay?

Till then !

I feels alive again

So thankful and grateful for both kids is now well.

Just back from hospital to unstitching Luke’s cut on his forehead. Yeah you heard it right. Luke hurts his forehead last week when he tried to go to toilet to pee. He accidentally bang her forehead on the edge of the toilet door frame. Gosh i don’t want to recall the incident that happened early in the morning last Sunday. The blood, the scream and the cries when he was stitched by the Med. Asst at emergency room was a nightmare. I was the one who hold him together with another Med Asst. I remember so vividly while the MA put through the needle and pulling the thread on Luke’s forehead. I was suprisingly so brave to see the process from the beginning till the end. But then arrived home, i cant erased those memory… *bikin licak lutut* If you ask me how i feel, im so guilty to hell. I cared the stitches carefully. And thankfully the stitch heal well but of course leaving scar. Huh it breaks my heart into pieces seeing the scar.

Bought Hiruscar gel at Watsons just now and hopefully can help to smoothen the scar..

On the other hand, our Whatsapp mummy group suddenly ‘busy’ about these Jujube soon to be released new collection. Oh god…the prints is so pretty. I heart them so badly. Im a forever fan of any floral stuffs.

Jujube Be Quick

Jujube Be Set

For the mean time im aiming for the Be Quick Whimsical Watercolor. So damn gorgeous. *ikat perut la* for the sake of JJB. Usually it will be cost around RM130

Happy Monday everyone!!


Im a fan of English and shabby chic theme. But that was last time. Now im more to minimilist and white/grey/black based theme. Haha what age really does to me. Im more to simple thing/stuffs now. 
My ever dream house is not to own a big house! I never fond of big house actually. Bigger house, more shits stored (it might trigger hoarding) , less effective space management, more shit to clean and energy and time consuming to clean (etc etc you name it). 
Our house at the moment is upside down. We just have the basic furnitures. With the torn old rubber mat (pathetic i know). With 2 and half bedroom all our stuff is stored and stacked each other. Especially the 2nd room. And oh ya, the white wall is now full with the kids ‘masterpiece’. There are rainbows, scribbles, long line, ‘eggs’ and etc. I once asked mister to paint it, but it will be vain..the kids wont stop doing their art 

Haha let me just stop here because nobody wants to read how awful the house is…but still im grateful to have a house as a shelter. Im beyond grateful. 

Lets move to the interesting part. The minimalist theme home decor. 

Let start visualizing. 

Living room


Clothes storage 


Study and Craft room 

Dining area

All the furnitures looks simple but the real fact is they are freaking expensive 😂😂😂. How i wish we have IKEA here. 

Ok done day dreaming. Relieve. 

Its not a sin to dream kan?? 

Have a nice Tuesday.  Feeling so productive for posting a blog post for two consecutive days.