The joy of reading together

The struggle is real. That a correct word to define my current situation helping Hazel in her able-to-read journey.

Now i knows that teaching 6yo to read is not easy as 123. Even tougher to cultivate the love for reading in her. Distraction (and fear) in Hazel still high. I’ve started reading with her a week ago starting with Bahasa first but huh everytime she will cry even before commencing a short lesson. But i still insists her to finish reading (read : spelling) those simple sentences twice a day. A lot of whining, excuses and wailing from her. I know that forcing her might give her a nightmare in the future and this will definitely dont bring any good for both of us but frustration and upset.

I wont’t permits those happening even in seconds. As i said earlier it will not a smooth sailing journey but i have to do/try anything that work out for her and not that one work out for me right. I should not asking her to follow my way. This is so wrong of me thinking that way. Ughh. So let’s tweak mummy’s plan okay Hazel. We try every fun and interesting options that work out for you Hazel.

I feel somehow writing this like Hazel in a really critical condition for not able to read. She is not yet able to read now. Correction for myself.

Let’s try which way you favour.

So, when we were at KK for a CNY’s holiday last February i bought a ‘trial’ cheap English story book entitled Cinderella from Ninso. Hazel was so excited and i lost count on how many times we read the book together. And i can see that she enjoying repeating after me every word (while me pointing the word).

Then i decided to get another few pieces before going back to Ranau. Yeah an RM 2.50 per pc is steal right. Im not sure if these book are good, (esp in term of grammer, and this mummy too is not that sharp in grammer 😂😂) my main intention is to bloom Hazel’s interest in reading and to boost her confidence. I feel that those are the most important by now and the rest hopefully will follows.

Now that im reading with Hazel and i feel that its too at least therapeutic and it’s somehow spark joy within me – as per Marie Kondo’s famous principle in tidying clutters. So since it spark joy, i should continously doing it and keep doing it to achieve it!! Well, it’s look like that i have to postponed my goal to be back in reading book. May be i just pretending reading a nice plot story book while reading with Hazel 😂? Possible? Lol.

Let’s do this together darling baby. We read together everyday okay darling?!

Wish me luck.


Last week when we were at Hazel’s kindy, her teacher keep on praising on Hazel’s achievement on reading. She is now actually grasping the reading quite fast. I have not really witness her reading a long sentence but according to the teacher Hazel’s did her Ujian Penilaian all by herself without guidance. The test supposed to be done next week but Hazel did it when the teacher shows them the paper. I hope she will finally able to read this year. Good luck Hazel!

A better year

Hellooooo! Happy New Year! I know im a bit late to wish but better than never. I know most of you had done a 2018 recap and reflection what last year had brought to you.


Im not so sure (or its just me beacuse i did not really spent time to reflects on things) what actually happened last year that really significant to me. But for sure im beyond grateful and blessed for everything because im still alive and breathing freely !!!! Another year had passed just like that!! Scary how times flies so fast.

Im not going to do a recap because i know its nothing interesting 🤣🤣. Let just move forward. Shall we?!

Last two nights when the kids were soundly sleeping and suddenly there was a ‘knock’ at my head asking me to do something or at least thinking. Ahaks finally i can put my rusty brain again to process stuffs expect those daily routine i had to do everyday, well kids and chores. I admits that I rarely spend time on thinking/planning nowadays because the current ‘brain’ i have. Pregnancy brain haha.

After about 30 minutes i sum up few things that i should put my attention on this year. Im not going to elaborate them in details tho.

  • Family saving. We should cut out eating out this year. Once a week should be okay? The price of eating out is insane now!! And since we are expecting a new family member early July, saving is a must.
  • Family first. I must priortize my loved one than any others. Well this is we all supposed to do right?
  • Less drama. Well we cant avoid gossips totally but i should less care discussing unimportant stuffs. Gossiping does not bring any good.
  • Doing my very best in everything. Well its normal to have a rainy and stormy day. Daily bumps is everywhere but remain positive is the key!!!!
  • Read more. I should really start reading again and making it as a habit. But price of the books nowadays is pain in the ass. May be i can buy a preloved one.

Not a very detail missions but im glad i did not stand off to at least having a short thought about how im going to live the 2019.

Last but not least, i wish you all the best in whatever you plans/aims for this year. May God lead your path and strengthen you!! Good luck.

Cheers to 2019.

Love, Beaty 🧚

December and 12 weeks along

Holla everyone!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!! Thankful for another year to celebrate Christmas. God is not only good to us but He’s been really so amazing to each everyone of us!!!!!

Few more days to Christmas! And the only things that sorted by now is our Christmas dresses. Nothing fancy of course. I did not manage to sew our dresses this year as i wanted it to be due to my condition right now. Im not happy for not being at least sew a simple dress for Hazel. But yeah things happens.

And now i still have some in hand need to be sorted ; Christmas presents, baking a biscuits, finalizing the Christmas’s tree decor, planning a menu for Christmas’s open house and cleaning the house. Gosh seems so many! Only can start tomorrow as my sisters and nieces will come here at my mum’s house and we will do it together. Hopefully those can be settled in a day and i can attend the Christmas’s services at the church at ease.

Usually I will start doing things early for Christmas’s preparation but not this year as i have to deal with my morning sickness. Now im 12 weeks along (Yes we are pregnant with Baby No. 3!!) and sooooo grateful that most of my symptomps gone few days ago. I still have those nausea, headache and bloated tummy but its now bearable compared to last 4 weeks ago. I cant even cook and fatigue was at its peak to force me having a power nap twice a day 😫. So thankful for the kids as they were quite understanding. Even my 3yo boy knew that his mommy is not in a good shape to entertain him. Those 4 weeks energy draining period somehow remind me to always grateful and thankful for everything! God is really amazing. He made me to go through those 4 weeks period without fail!!!!

I will blog more in the future about my journey with Baby no.3. So hopeful that this journey is a smooth sailing!! 💪💪

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas in advance to each everyone of you!!! Let us celebrate this season with love, joy and happiness!!!! God bless!!

Lots of love !!

Sweet tooth : Learning How to pipe a frosting

It’s all started when my sister requests a cake for the Sunday school event at church. I made two cakes. Of course i happily baked my all time favorite butter cake with cream cheese filling and fresh cream frosting. But then im total failed in term of decorating. I never good on this.

But seeing those kids and adult enjoying eating the cake…its just a good feeling.

Then few days after that i baked another cake using a new recipe which i got of course from Google. I’ve tried many recipe but some just dont works for me. But this one is a success even on the first try.

I will share the recipe next time.

The reason that i baked this was just for fun and to practice on piping roses using nozzle. Not bad huh. Im satisfied!

Its look like im gonna bake my own birthday cake this year? 😂😂

See you again !!

Not a mere prayer

Im posting this not to show how good im as a believer and follower of God. Im far from that. And haha im not preaching but instead posting this because how great God’s grace towards me in my difficult time.

Few weeks ago i’ve been in a situation that i dont care about anything else except doing what i need to do-my obligations that i must fullfill everyday. I deliver my job as a mom and wife as i should but i still having this Im failed and im a loser feeling/thinking.

Waking up every moring with heavy heart…. it was so torturing. It’s look like that i still cling to yesterday’s event and the day before yesterday’s event. These lead to my crankiness. I cant let go stuffs. Even worst i drag past event that i should let go but i just cant. It really took away my daily joy and blessing.

I really dont like this feeling because it somehow made me to see everything negatively. I sometime loss my rational. And tend to frustrated a lot.

I really want to slap myself for being like this. I really want to cry but i just cant.

Cut story short, one night when the kids went to bed early and im about to sleep after saying my short prayer about to say Amen but i feel that i should have a longer ‘talk’ with Him. That was unselfish prayer i ever had after a long time. Well i dont have to elaborate what i prayed for 😂 but it was a random prayer. I prayed whatever came cross in myind. It was quite long. About 15 minutes.

I slept after that and miraculously i woke up fresh and energetic next day.

See! Prayer is the key!

I did praying everyday but i think my selfish prayer is unheared 😂😂. I should not just praying for my wellbeing and forgetting other’s. How could God generously giving what i asked for while im not generous enough to bring others and anything that not directly related to myself in my prayer?

I just realized this yesterday. And this qoute ‘We Rise By Lifting Others’ suddenly came accross. Its relatable right?

Im glad the phase was over! I should continously and consistenly doing this hopefully!!

Anyway have a very great weekemd everyone and God Bless!!

Life so far

Life is okay.

I mean i have everything that i need. Everything is sufficient.

It’s just that my life seems a bit ..erm can i call it dull? I can’t see any rainbow. Most of the time i wanted the day to pass quickly. I spent half of the day lazying around and i even had a long nap even when my kids are not napping. I let them watch Youtube because i just want my quiet time alone doing nothing.

I hope this phase shall pass soon. I hate it! I cant be like this all the time.

And most important is all i need is break !


I supposed to draft May and June monthly recap but i just can’t bring myself together to type. My mood has not bounced back because I fell ill last Sunday. Started with mild headache and runny nose and non stop sneezing. As usually i will not takes any medicine but it get worse the next day. Nasal congested. I have to take panadol soluable and went to bed early while i let the kids watching youtube on their phone. When i woke up to check them, both were fast asleep.

I only got better today but still with a lil bit of coughing. But im glad the annoying flu is now gone.

I’ve been so mean with the kids these few days. Oh mean mum. Recalling what i have done to them is really torturing me. Ohhhh… I can cry even.

Anyway my another happiness in disguise is on the way. Yeahhh my Jujube!! Cannot wait. 😜😜😜