April Recap

Its May!

Kaamatan Month and GE14 next week. Have you check your voting centre? If not go and check.

Okey as usually i will do recap every month even there is nothing really to recap. Here is the lists:

1.Work out

I’ve been working out (read : dance cardio) minimum 4-3 times every week for 30 minutes. And finally i see a positive result. I lost almost real 2kg. I can feel that my thighs and tummy is less flabby (still tho). And i can say that i confident wearing my old smaller shirt. Last time i did lost some but i don’t think it was a real weight that dropped instead water weight. I hope i can continue this and reach my desired weight.

This top was so fit and revealing my tummy even when im standing 😂😂. Now i can comfortably wearing this again

2. Etsy Shop

Finally i made my first listing on etsy and i should add some soon. Atm, there is no sales 😥 but never mind..at least i tried lah kan?

3. Staycation

To be frank this is our first family staycation since we got married. And i appreciate husband’s effort for that. I only knew that we gonna stayed at the hotel on our way to KK. Suprise much? Even the hotel that we stayed is not that fancy but im beyond grateful. Happy kids = Happy Mommy.

Have a nice day every one!!!


Life in a day

6.00 am

Woke up, prepares breakfast, wash up, Wake Hazel up and ask her to wash up too. And let Hazel have her breakfast.

7.00 am

Dress Hazel to school and send her to school. Back home, feed Luke and do house chores.

9.00 am

Checking Instagram/Whatsapp/ Twitter and let Luke play/watching TV


Brunch. And lunch menu prep


Me time either sewing/painting/ doing nothing

12.00 pm

Cook lunch and lunch with the kids

2.00 pm

Kid’s nap time while myself continues doing house chores/ME time

4.00 pm

Dinner prep

5.00 pm

Simple dance workout while kids play outdoor for a while

6.00 pm

Bath time then early dinner for the kids.

7.00 pm

Having dinner then chilling watching TV

8.00 pm

Kids watching TV/play/ Haze doing some revision


Off to bed. Good night!!!!

The cycle repeat every single day except on the weekend. Sometimes the day went so smooth, another day was rough and i feel sometimes 24 hours is not enough, another day i just want time passes by so quickly. But life must go on whether i like it or not.

Iri no mah koposion ka’d Dusun.

Have a plesant Wednesday lovelies!!


Ever since Luke knows how to request my phone for Youtube…there were a lot of whining and throwing tantrums. He doesnt bother my phone last time but not recently. He will non stop asking for it. But good thing is, once he puas watching he will hands the phone to me saying ‘mummy siap, tutup’. But the unpleasant thing is Luke wont let her sister watching Youtube together he will go like this ‘ Kakak, share no no’ ….And there you go another instant Drama Queen. Hazel’s will go sulks and stomping her feet and bangs the door behind her See? Rebelious!?

How am i going to handle this everyday? Kids, mummy is no angel, mummy too a normal human being.

Gosh i cant stand their cries. Like really. Before things got worse i just walk away from them. Most of the time i just let them, cry their lungs out and let them sooth by themselves. I think they are ‘old’ enough to learn how to cool down. Am i a bad mum?

So there go my ‘drama’ that i have force myself ‘watching’ everyday. Motherhood indeed a TOUGH job.

Good Night!!

Makeup Makeup

Makeup and women compliment each other. Right? Here are stuffs that i use currently. All drugstore’s except Tarte Tartiest Pro To Go Eyeshadow Palette. Nowadays the frequency that i wears makeup is once a week but sometimes don’t bother to put any.

Nothing much. Btw, i forgot to include my favorite Daiso eyebrow pencil.

I’m not going to elaborate more on each item. .

Happy Mid Week lovelies.

Kids Update

Its been a while since i last update with kids milestones and development. Nothing much but i feel like to write it for future reference. Let start from Hazel.

Now she is more independent. Still pooping with potty but good thing she is now cleaning her own mess most of the time. From throwing her shit into toilet bowl, flushing ’em away and wash her bumbum. But i have to always remind her to wash her hand every after pooping tho.

Knowing Hazel, she is a kid I can say that having a fragile heart. Last time when we were at ER for stitching Luke’s cut on his forehead, she cried outside of the room. Such a very sensitive kid she is. At school i’ve been told that Hazel always have this whining because her schoolmate always teasing her. Few times when we have a conversation, i tells her that its okay to fight back (in good way lah) when other kids being so naughty to tease her.

Hazel still cant read but im more than happy because now she doing great at recognizing alphabets and numbers. Need a lot practice tho. Reading may follows later. The teacher told me that Hazel is quite good at school. She is a fast learner. I dont have major issue with her but as her growing, i need to deal with her antics that sometimes i lose my coolness on her.

While Luke, finally he wanted to shit on potty!!! And he will say ‘ooo’ instead of ‘cicis’ last time. He can remove his pants and take his potty whenever he want to the ‘business’. Of course need to clean him after that. He is more verbal nowadays even tho the prounciation is not perfect. And good things is he picked up some Dusun vocabulary like ‘alasu’, ‘modsu’, ‘osogit’, ‘modop’, ‘aratu’, ‘kada’, ‘irikau’. My mum frequently converse in Dusun with him. His separation anxiety is better now. Finally i can enjoy my bath and toilet business. And still breastfeeding. I really need to wean his off.

Playing dirt together

Mummy wishes only the best for both of you!

Till next post!!

Mindless me

I made a promise to myself to not to blog about a personal stuff here but i guess i cant keep that promise. I dont know that what im going to blog later consider personal but yeah just bear with me.

I often had this bitterness inside me. It comes and goes. I feel that i already settled down and letting go but instead it came back and bothering, leaving the mindless me. It even affects my sleeping pattern. Waking up in the middle of the night is not normal you know. Next morning i woke up very cranky because of the lack of sleep.

I keep on asking and assess myself what actually i did wrong. Knowing me, im the type of person not easily letting out what i really feel. I rather keep everything inside. And this will lead to overthinking and bla bla. When it reach to the capacity that i cant carry anymore………….i thought im going insane for real. I cant focus and doing something mindlessly is so torturing.

I hate this kind of period where i feel so loss and confused.

March recap

Im not sure it is because im not ambitious that I sometimes feel i did not achieve anything in my life. But don’t worry i love my life the way it is. I have everything that I need and i should not ask for more. So here we goes March recap.

1. Finally, I got my Driving License

I went a bit overboard when i found out that i failed the exam last month. I went bad mood and feels so down. Drama. Last week i did it well and passed. Hallelujah! So hello fellow road user!! If you see me around and drives like a snail, please bear with me ya 😂😂. Im not a competent driver yet. I did drove husband’s car from home to town few times since i passed but still im not that confident yet.

2. I can’t stick to my planner routine

I bought my planner and only God knows how much i wanted it so much. Every night i will sit down and jot down anything that come across in my mind. Random stuffs sometimes. But recently i cant pull myself together to sit down and write even for a while because most of the time i fell asleep with the kids 😂😂😂. I do woke up after that but i feel that i rather back to sleep. Lazy. Having a planner is a good thing but as a SAHM there is nothing much to be planned. Everyday is the same thing. That how boring my life is.

3. I started painting again

After half year did not practising finally the mojo is back. Whenever i got spare time (after settling chores and kids) i will squeeze some time for painting. My painting supplies is in need for update. I wants a new brush and watercolor too. Specifically Princeton round brush and Alpha Artist watercolour. If only money grow on a tree…. hurmm. Thinking to digitize my painting but i don’t know if im able because its been a while since i work with Photoshop. But i will try.

Anyways i hope everything will went well the following month.