First day of school holiday

Woke up at 8am.

Actually Hazel woke up at 5.45am and as usual wanting to go to school. I tell her that its school holiday and she went back to sleep.

At 9.00am she again tell me that she wanted to go to school. Terlebih rajin la pula. I can see that she was so boring even she was watching her fav cartoon.

After breakfast I let them play as their like. From making ‘house’ out from the cushion, hide and seek, plays drum with food canister and etc. I thought that they will soon having a nap but not. After lunch, they continues to play until 3pm. I keep telling them to nap since 12pm but huh they never listen. End up im the one who napped twice (10-15 minis each). Woke up and they were still happily playing together.

So energetic !

Good thing was i had some time to paints while they were busy entertaining themselves. Im so into painting nowadays btw.

Bathed them at 5pm and cooks dinner. Feed them at 6am. Luke sleep early at 7pm, requested to be wore and fell asleep in a moment. 30 mins later, Hazel was doozed off too.

And now im sleeping beside them typing this post in a very dark room. Husband will be back tomorrow and will be on leave until this weekend! Yay.

Good night!!


I feels alive again

So thankful and grateful for both kids is now well.

Just back from hospital to unstitching Luke’s cut on his forehead. Yeah you heard it right. Luke hurts his forehead last week when he tried to go to toilet to pee. He accidentally bang her forehead on the edge of the toilet door frame. Gosh i don’t want to recall the incident that happened early in the morning last Sunday. The blood, the scream and the cries when he was stitched by the Med. Asst at emergency room was a nightmare. I was the one who hold him together with another Med Asst. I remember so vividly while the MA put through the needle and pulling the thread on Luke’s forehead. I was suprisingly so brave to see the process from the beginning till the end. But then arrived home, i cant erased those memory… *bikin licak lutut* If you ask me how i feel, im so guilty to hell. I cared the stitches carefully. And thankfully the stitch heal well but of course leaving scar. Huh it breaks my heart into pieces seeing the scar.

Bought Hiruscar gel at Watsons just now and hopefully can help to smoothen the scar..

On the other hand, our Whatsapp mummy group suddenly ‘busy’ about these Jujube soon to be released new collection. Oh god…the prints is so pretty. I heart them so badly. Im a forever fan of any floral stuffs.

Jujube Be Quick

Jujube Be Set

For the mean time im aiming for the Be Quick Whimsical Watercolor. So damn gorgeous. *ikat perut la* for the sake of JJB. Usually it will be cost around RM130

Happy Monday everyone!!


Both kids is down with fever. At the same time. I guess they caught the same virus because their other cousin also exhibited the same symptom. When kids got sick, the mummy is the one who will stay up at night to monitor their temp. Both Hazel and Luke fell sick at the same day, last Friday. Hazel’s fever usually spiked up at night, she will got really warm and have to give her PCM syrup.

Went to clinic yesterday, mostly the patients at the clinic were kids 1y to 5y. I guess it virus outbreak seasons. Taking care of sick kids alone really energy draining (but so thankful that I got some help from husband and my mum). When myself busy taking care of the kids, i forgot to have my meal on time that lead to really bad windy stomach. Nauseous and pounding head.

Being unwell and tired really upset me so much. I try to take some nap while husband taking care of the kids but can’t have any as i think my head going to explode, it was so annoying. Push myself to ask husband to have some drink at town. Surprisingly after Tea-C Kaw Kaw the headache slowly goes away but still mentally tired. Went home and its time to call it a day. At 3am, Hazel’s temp spiked up again and gave her PCM and monitor her temp until its dropped and finally back to sleep at 4.30am and woke up at 7.30am and found my mum feeding the kids with their breakfast.

Super thankful!!! And im relieved that the kids finally want to eat something.


Please get well soon my babies!

February Recap

Hellllo. It’s first day of March!! How’s everyone?! Where was February all gone? To think of it i did not do/achieve anything that highly significant to my life but a little accomplishment is better than nothing right? Its the little steps that lead to bigger outcome. *chewahh*

1. I failed getting my driving license

Im not that confident taking the test to begin with but i just took it anyway. I failed on the Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan (RPK). But thankfully i passed on highway test. So i need to retake the test next month for curcuit only. I almost burst into tears seeing the test result. And even worst im only 2 marks away to passed marks. Double frustration! I feel so unlucky!! The officer did the test for me during RPK was too strict. He even call me liar not mentioning some items but actually he was the one who did not paying attention and busy laughing and chit chatting with his colleauge whose also examining. I went bad mood for one and a half day. Wish me luck for next month test tho.

2. Shed 2kg

I’ve been wanting to shed those fat that i gained during festive season on December last year. So far only managed to shed 2kg by controlling my portion and being slightly active. As i mentioned in my last month recap, im so unfit and can’t do intense workout and i opt for simple stretching and some outdoor activity e.g watering my mum’s plants every evening and jogging around the house’s compound. Let’s hope for continues effort from myself. Im not aiming to be skinny. No No. I just want to lose those extra fat that supposed to be not there 😂😂😂.

3. Fell in love with video editing

It started last year actually. The apparent reason is just for fun. But the more i explore it, the more I fell for it. FYI, i use apps called Flimora and i totally love it! Because for a noob person it somehow make editing so easy and handy. I don’t need to go to my laptop to edit which i don’t have luxury to really switch on my laptop. I wish that im a bit creative at creating content for my humble video but haha im not born with that. But for the sake of fun and keepsake i keep on posting my video in my Instagram. 😜😜

Hazel finally recognize alphabets and numbers

Everyday after school at home i will asked Hazel how was her day at school. I never really heard a negative comment from her except there is a girl who tease her and sometimes pinch Hazel’s hand. I think this one is normal. But i already inform the kindy’s assistant to always monitor this particular kids. And i found that t

And these couple of week i did not received a complain from Hazel. Overall, she is enjoying her half day life at kindy. There is a day when i feel like to tease her and asking her to not going to school, she will give me a sharp look and will say ‘ mummy, i need to go to school, i want to plays blocks, doll, coloring and write abc’. She loves school and i hope this continues.

After almost 2 months, finally Hazel is showing progress. She is now recognized alphabets and numbers. And can writes her own name too. Praise to God. Sometimes she got confuse but its my job to help her .. right?? We need to work out on her writing- to beautify her handwriting and her spelling and then reading. Currently, her handwriting is not uniform. I guess this is normal.

We need to work more ya baby girl.

End of month we hunt for proper study table ya baby

Oh! I feels-nothing-feeling

‘ I -feels -nothing- feeling ‘

This happened to me last month and continues early of this month. I don’t feel doing anything. I stops doing everything that i loves so much except doing the daily routine that i must do everyday. It was a torture for my heart, doing something that i cant put my heart into. I feel like a doll that have nothing. I prefer to just sit down watching TV or browsing the net whenever im free. And worst was, i let the kids play by themselves. And joined the kids napping for few hours.

It was a condition that sometimes i don’t feel present and my mind travels somewhere. I feel so lost and blur. When husband came down for the weekend, i thought it will get better and those weird feeling will go away but it continues. But good thing was I have some me -time to be spent over the weekend. Luckily nowadays Luke is so cooperative and when husband is around he surprisingly suddenly cling to him.

I tried a few new activities but none of them really works for me. None of them excites me. I wants to sew something but too bad that i cant get a suitable fabric at town. I tried painting and lettering but my stationeries supplies was not that encouraging. Most of my Pentel fude pen running out of ink.

See? I give so many excuses.

I told myself to rest from doing anything that i call my hobbies. What i did was literally eat, sleep, doing chores and just rest.

Have you ever feel like this before? If im a writer, it sort of writer block. But now im okay. After sorting out myself.

Btw, finally bought myself a planner. Its somehow cheer me up. I love it when i unchecked my list for the day. And doing the spread for next week is a bliss. Now i want more stationeries, stickers, washi tapes!!! Mr. DIY, Kaison and Daiso please wait for me!!

Anyway have very good long holiday for everyone. For those who celebrating Chinese New Year. Happy Chinese New Year Hong Boa Na Lai.

Lots of love ,


January Recap

Well *inhale, exhale* its February already. January passed by so quickly ….why so fast?? Im in a mood to blog (finally). So here are some of the recap.


Im not a morning person to be frank. I can’t woke up very early in the morning. Our wake up time is between 7.30am to 9am (when we were still at KK). But now i have to. Preparing Hazel every morning to school including cooking breakfast. Now that im the one who woke up first in the morning, i feel some ‘worth’ for myself. At least, when my mum woke up, breakfast is ready on the table and i got some time to do house chores before Luke woke up (as his clingy-ness is at its best in the morning). Tho this may nothing and cant even repay what my mum did for all of us back then but this somehow has put me in ease. Tidaklah kana label macam-macam kan? And being able to sit down together with my mum during breakfast is a good thing too. We chats, shared our dream the night before and laughing together.

The best part is I got some time to reflect, thinking and what not while sipping my hot coffee. I can straighten my ‘brain’ on how to go through the day with less drama.


I used to think that journalling is not a thing for a stay at home mum but im wrong. After couple of weeks journaling i found its quite therapeutic and it gives me some insight of the next day. Every night before bed i will jot something on. Basically not so many things on my journal its more on meal prep, pray lists, bible reading tracker, a habit tracker, expenses and a random thought. Im a bit lost on how to start at first but thanks to Pinterest! Hopefully i can continue this as a habit to be more organized. Finger crossed.


I managed to shed few kilos last November but now I’ve gained few more. I have this one pants that I often wear and it is a lil tight on my hips nowadays. Gosh i really need to watch on my food intake and snacking. I found that controlling what is going into my mouth is easier than work out because i can’t do intense workout. Im that unfit 😂. If i really want to work out, it will be a Zumba-like-dance and may be a 1km -2km jog every evening. I hope i have that strength to control what i eat nowadays.


Hazel is now can writes alphabets without those tracing line. Bravo Hazel. We need to work out more on her memory tho. Today she know which one is which but then she forgot when i ask her the next day 😂. But now i can see that whenever she sees an alphabet she will try to spell them and asks me if she doesn’t know. At least show an interest in reading. Slowly baby girl.